Joe Robach, Making Jobs a Priority in the Senate

Joe Robach Rochester NY – Throughout his tenure in the New York State Senate, Senator Joe Robach of Rochester has worked tirelessly to bring jobs to our community. He believes in fighting for the issues important to working families, whether it be the right to organize, enforcing prevailing wage measures and providing ample job opportunities to men and women in Rochester. As one of the areas across the nation where the recession has not hit as hard as elsewhere, Rochester and Monroe County are doing many millions in development, creating jobs for the men and women of our community. Joe Robach believes that those jobs that are created should pay workers a fair wage. Joe Robach has fought throughout his career in the Senate to protect workers’ rights and keep local jobs from being sent overseas.

In addition, to help local businesses create jobs, in 2010, Joe Robach fought in the Senate to give businesses a tax credit for each new job that was created, and incentives for hiring workers off unemployment. Because the statewide unemployment rate is approximately eight percent, New York State has the responsibility to promote the creation of new jobs and increasing the viability of the state’s tax base. Rather than cutting economic development programs and raising taxes on businesses, while in the midst of a recession, Joe Robach knows that to truly turn New York State’s and Rochester’s economic fortunes for the better, we must create a steady market of jobs for the state’s talented and qualified workforce, while protecting the rights of those working men and women.

New York State workers are responsible for many of the wonders that dot our landscape as a nation and Senate Joe Robach knows that in order to keep New York and Rochester the watchword of progress in the United States, we must do what is needed to create and keep jobs in our state.