The New York State Senate along with Joe Robach gave final passage to a bill that provides additional resources for breast cancer research and also passed a measure to increase access to important information about changes to women’s health coverage. The bills, supported by Joe Robach, support breast cancer mapping initiatives and facilitate public education about newly-covered preventive services and health screening for women.

One bill (S3768) allows funds from the Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund to be used towards breast cancer mapping initiatives. The Fund supports research or educational programs which focus on the causes, prevention, screening, treatment and cure of breast cancer research. This legislation would add breast cancer mapping to the programs which currently include basic, behavioral, clinical, demographic, environmental, epidemiologic and psychosocial research.

Another bill (S3817) passed today directs the state Department of Health (DOH) to create a website that provides information about important changes to women’s health policy and other resources in New York.

Recently enacted laws affecting public programs, insurance coverage and other aspects of health policy have resulted in increased coverage for 22 preventative services and the screening for certain diseases. The new DOH website and use of social media would help educate the public and raise awareness of the newly-covered health care services, provide links to useful resources, and encourage women to receive preventive services and screening.

Bill S3768 has also passed the Assembly and will be delivered to the Governor. Bill S3817 will be sent to the Assembly.  For more information, contact the office of Joe Robach.