The New York State Senate, along with Joe Robach, will be celebrating Earth Week by acting upon an extensive package of 27 bills that would create new protections for natural resources, promote energy conservation, help create green jobs, and increase tourism through enhanced recreational opportunities.

Joe Robach said, “The Senate knows that our state has abundant natural resources that are worthy of being protected both for our current well-being and for future generations. The bills that will be acted upon this week strengthen our commitment to improving the health of our communities, protecting the environment, conserving energy, and increasing recreation while striking an important balance that continues to build our economy.”

According to Joe Robach of the 56th Senate District, the highlights of the bills to be acted upon this Wednesday are:

S1626 Permits commercial applicators of pesticides to apply pesticides in a dosage, concentration or frequency less than that specified on the labeling. Currently, pesticides registered for use in New York State may be used for agricultural purposes in a dosage, concentration or frequency less than what is specified on the labeling, but commercial pesticide applicators may not. By allowing commercial applicators to apply less than label rates, the total amount of pesticides being applied in New York State will be decreased, providing economic and environmental benefits.

S3064 Provides a definition for Integrated Pest Management to help encourage a reduction in the amount of pesticides used. IPM is a systematic approach to managing pests that utilizes a diversity of management options to minimize health, environmental, and economic risks and impacts.

S2905 Promotes the use of geothermal energy systems as a natural and renewable energy while also fostering the creation of green jobs.

S3060 Enacts the Oil and Gas Waste Management Act to mitigate the threats posed to the public under the current system of high volume fracturing waste transport and disposal in New York. The bill requires the incorporation of radioactive screening and rejection criteria in solid waste facility permits for any solid waste facility that accepts waste from oil and gas drilling activities to ensure that oil and waste products do not pose an environmental danger when they come to New York.

S2543 Extends the moratorium on storage or transportation of natural gas in New York City. The storage of highly volatile liquefied natural gas in densely populated areas makes it mandatory that all governmental agencies exercise extreme caution in dealing with proposals for activation of LNG facilities.

The full list of bills to be acted upon includes:

S3082 Incentivizes the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to promptly pay businesses that are receiving NYSERDA grants to allow them to take full advantage of clean and renewable energy systems;

S92 Eliminates the requirement that hunters wear back tags during hunting season in the state;

S368 Authorizes the Commissioner of Environmental Conservation to undertake projects to protect national historic landmarks from shore erosion;

S829 Eliminates the expiration of and makes permanent provisions of law authorizing an individual to fish with up to three lines in freshwater;

S1676 Creates a task force on interagency cooperation within the forestry industry;

S1876 Relates to party and charter boat licenses;

S2953A Relates to the regulation of live restraint cable devices to take wildlife; authorizes regulations by the Department of Environmental Conservation;

S1195 Expands the powers and duties of the Historic Hudson Hoosic Rivers partnership;

S1599 Relates to permitting the use of peregrine falcons in falconry;

S1625 Relates to hunting, fishing, and outdoor education in high school physical education courses;

S1626 Permits commercial applicators of pesticides to apply pesticides in a dosage, concentration or frequency less than what is specified on the labeling;

S1689 Authorizes deer and bear hunting in the counties of Broome, Chenango, and Tioga with rifles and other arms;

S1781 Provides for the issuance of fishing and hunting licenses, free of charge, to volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers;

S1804 Provides an exemption from state sales tax for energy star appliances and grants municipalities the option to provide such exemption;

S1872 Prohibits the taking of striped bass during the period of January 1 to April 15;

S2543 Extends the moratorium on the issuance of environmental safety certificates for facilities and routes for the transportation of liquefied natural or petroleum gas;

S2905 Establishes a tax credit for the purchase and installation of geothermal energy systems;

S2951 Protects certain information on hunting, fishing and trapping license and permit applications from disclosure;

S3025 Provides for a lifetime license for honorably discharged, disabled veterans;

S3029 Relates to exemptions from requirements for fishing licenses for members of the U.S. Armed Forces who are on leave from active military duty;

S3060 Enacts the “Oil and Gas Waste Management Act of 2015” to require solid waste management facilities accepting waste from oil and gas drilling operations to screen such waste for radioactivity;

S3064 Provides definition of Integrated Pest Management;

S4211 Relates to the expansion of natural gas service;

S4279 Provides an exemption for the sale and installation of residential and commercial geothermal heat pump systems equipment;

S4368 Requires the Commissioner of Environmental Conservation to promote education in hunting, fishing, and outdoor education in high school physical education courses;

S4563 Authorizes the forest ranger force to establish a training program for volunteer search and rescue personnel to assist the forest rangers; and

S4753 Exempts commercial fuel cell systems and electricity provided by such sources from sales tax.